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This Is Me

I am Starlite Harrell

My Journey of Success 

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This journey of entrepreneurship has been my most valuable asset. As a mother of 9 and wife, I'm grateful to have this adventure I have had to dig deep within myself to find the courage and strength to keep going, even when times got tough. What kept me going was learning. Every day, I am constantly learning something new whether was about real estate or trading forex or finical literacy or marketing. I also learned how to heal myself with herbs and other natural remedies, which has been so empowering. But the most important lesson I learned was to never give up - no matter what comes your way  

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Starlite Harrell

 Through my research I discovered a variety of herbs and their healing properties. I started incorporating them into my daily routine to help me overcome my health issues, and it worked! Within a few months, I had improved my vitamin deficiency levels, balanced my blood pressure and sugar levels, moisturized my skin and hair, and restored overall balance to my body. Healing myself through herbs was one of the most empowering experiences of my life—I felt like nothing could stop me from doing anything that I wanted. It truly transformed how I view health and wellness, inspiring me to share the power of herbal medicine with others. Now I am dedicated to helping people learn about natural remedies for themselves so that they too can achieve optimal health and wellbeing.   

 My passion for herbal healing has been my driving force in life, and I am so grateful to be able to share my knowledge with others. With the help of herbs and natural remedies, I believe that everyone can heal themselves from the inside out. The power of herbs is real—I've seen it work firsthand!

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